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Latitude 64

Latitude 64
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Latitude 64 Gold Line Gauntlet Putter
This Gold line Putter is reliable with a stable flight. This disc features a beaded rim, high pro..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Anchor Midrange Disc
The Anchor, like its name is designed to be that reliable overstable,predictable Midrange. The an..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Culverin Driver Disc
This overstable control driver is designed for seasoned players. The first part of the Culverin's..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Diamond Driver Disc
This is the best driver for beginners and children. The Diamond is made to maximize distance for ..
Latitude 64 Pro Bag and Straps Combo
Matching Latitude 64 Bag Straps are included with this purchase. *Please note: The Black/Silv..
Latitude 64 Spark Driver Disc
If you are looking for stability, and control in a fairway driver, the Spark will hold it down in..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Compass Midrange Disc
 The Compass is a thick and shallow straight flyer that will hold any line. This disc is a p..
Latitude 64 Stiletto Driver Disc
The Latitude 64 Stiletto is an overstable disc which holds very well in winds. The Stiletto is sa..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Ballista Driver Disc
The Latitude 64 Ballista is a fast, overstable ultra high speed driver. This disc has a predictab..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Bolt Driver Disc
This disc goes very fast and has an understable flight path with good glide. Like its name implie..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Knight Driver Disc
This is a high speed driver featuring one of the widest rims on a golf disc. It's very fast but h..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Pure Putter Disc
The Pure is arguably Latitude 64's straightest flying disc. This is disc is an excellent choice f..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Scythe Driver Disc
This disc will slice through the air like a sharp scythe slices through grass.  This is an o..
Latitude 64 Gold Line XXX Driver Disc
The Gold Line XXX is an extra overstable control driver. This is a disc for the experienced playe..
Latitude 64 Easy-Go Backpack
Are premium backpacks too big for you? The Easy-Go lightweight backpack from Latitude 64 is the a..
Latitude 64 Gold Line Gladiator Driver Disc
The Gold Line Gladitor, like its name will glide through the air with high speeds. This disc was ..
Latitude 64 Gold Core Disc
This disc is a very user friendly midrange for both amateurs and professionals. It has a reliable..
Latitude 64 DG Luxury E2 Backpack Disc Golf Bag
Made out of sturdy nylon fabric with artificial leather details and embroidered logos, it is a th..
Latitude 64 DG Luxury E3 Backpack Disc Golf Bag
Made out of sturdy nylon fabric with artificial leather details and embroidered logos, it is a th..

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