Driving Instructions

This video is an awesome tutorial by Will Schusterick on how to improve your drive with proper form and technique. Will demonstrates how to use your body from the tips of your fingers to your toes to execute a solid drive. He goes over the importance in your reach, body position, pull, stance and everything he does in between to perfect his drive.

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How to Build Your Bag With Drivers

In this video by Avery Jenkins, he teaches you what different qualities and types of drivers you want when building your bag. The first type of driver is a fairway driver, which fly longer than midranges, are easier to throw than fast drivers and are ideal for learning how to master your power grip. The second type of driver is a distance driver, which are medium speed drivers (9-11), medium speed drivers have a medium rim width, are easier for beginners and where they will be most successful throwing! Lastly, he tells you what he thinks makes up the best qualities in a high speed driver and how to select one!

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How to Build Your Bag With Putters and Midranges

In this video, 2009 world champ Avery Jenkins will teach you how to improve your game by selecting the most efficient putters and midranges and explain the purpose of each. This video will teach you shots you can use to lower your score with these two types of discs and what to look out for when selecting the best putters and midranges to fit your playing style.

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Start off the Spring Season with Ultimate Frisbee Discs

Winter is winding down and soon the weather will be a bit warmer and the grass a little greener. The outdoors will be inviting us all to come out of our cozy homes and enjoy the sun and fresh air at the parks and beaches. Now is the perfect time to design your very own Ultimate Frisbee discs. Fly Discs is your user friendly site that makes it easy to create any look you wish on an ultimate Frisbee disc.

ultimate frisbee discs

Excited for Spring

2016 is going by fast! Valentine’s day just passed and March is less than a few weeks away. After a long winter in hibernation, playing some Ultimate Frisbee at the park will be a fresh change. It’s a great time to get out there and to get those legs running and jumping. It’s a game the whole family can participate in and enjoy. Our Ultimate Frisbee discs are also great for casual games that even the dog can join in on!

Designing Ultimate Frisbee Discs

The process is broken down into four easy steps. Step one allows you to add background colors and designs onto your Ultimate Frisbee discs. You can do a color fade or choose a background design to create a colorful design. Step two is uploading a photo. Using the customizer tool, you can add an image to the disc, and then adjust the size and placement on the disc. Step three is adding text. With this feature, you can add a special message or a funny quote onto your Ultimate Frisbee disc. Step four is saving your design. Now you are ready to order your new Ultimate Frisbee discs!

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Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs That you Can Design Online

Custom Ultimate Frisbee Discs

Here at Fly Discs, we have the best custom ultimate frisbee discs. Our discs are PDGA approved and quality. When practicing for a tournament with our discs, you will have the same experience as you would with any ultimate frisbee game. Our disc are the standard weight and are made out of a high quality polymer mix. They are also perfect for a casual game of frisbee at the park. Your dog will love this ultimate frisbee too! These discs are tough made to last through bites, both dog and human.;)

Design Features

With Fly Discs, you are able to create any design to go on your ultimate frisbee discs. We have designs that you can choose form, and a wide range of fonts to pick from. What sets Fly Discs apart from other custom discs sites is that our printing technology lets us print an unlimited amount of colors. So there is no extra charge for extra color. You can upload photos, put in a personalized message, and create designs using our online design tool.

Quality is Key

Fly Discs takes pride in the quality of their discs. We have chosen the best ultimate frisbee discs for our customers to design on. When we print our discs, the colors are vivid and photo quality. Our customers are happy with product and we are happy to provide them with our quality product. Fly Discs also now offers a design service for special design requests. This service is often used for large bulk orders of ultimate frisbee discs for teams and wedding gifts.

emoji custom ultimate frisbee discs

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The Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs for 2016

ultimate firsbee

Looking for the Best Ultimate Frisbee Disc

Here at Fly Discs, we have what every Ultimate Frisbee disc player needs. Our high quality polymer mix Ultimate Frisbee discs are PDGA approved discs. We make discs for Ultimate Frisbee teams, personal discs for players, to novice who are just starting out. If you are looking for a disc to toss around at the park or beach, our discs are great for that too! It is not only the top quality model of Ultimate Frisbees we use that makes it the best, but also the fact that you can design ultimately anything you want on our disc. Teams will often get their logo and colors designed to put on their team discs. For a unique gift, a personal design can be easily printed on our high quality discs. This is what makes Fly Disc the best place to shop while looking for the best Ultimate Frisbee Discs for 2016

Ultimate Frisbee Discs With Your Own Design

You can use out online customizer tool to create any design on a new 2016 Ultimate frisbee disc. There is no color limit to the design, and you can also add text to the design. This makes it easy to create a team Ultimate Frisbee discs for all the 2016 team members this year. For these large orders, you can ask our customer service department for bulk pricing too! Visit out site to create fresh new discs to start the new year.

From a High School Joke to the Real Thing

Joel Silver, a famed film producer, was a student at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, when we was introduced to a crude version what we know today as the game of Ultimate Frisbee. He was inspired at a summer camp that introduced the game to the kids as a summer sport activity. In the fall of 1968, Joel proposed the game as a part of the school’s curriculum at a student council meeting. It was meant as a joke by being an anti-sport. Ultimate frisbee has come a long way since then. Watching it today, you can see that it is a skillful sport that requires much technique and team work. Now in 2016, Ultimate Frisbee is considered a real sport and is in the works to become a game played at the Olympics. It is official! The president of WFDF says, “This is an incredible milestone in the 30-year history of WFDF and a further important step for our International Federation in the development of our sport worldwide.”

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2015 Top Disc Golf Discs

The holiday season is right around the corner, the weather is starting to cool down, and disc golf season is still going strong. The ever growing sport of disc golf is evolving with its players needs and new models are being specially crafted. We did a little research to compile a list of the top disc golf discs of the year. The following discs are the top ranked and most popular discs among the 2015 players.

Top disc golf discs of 2015

Top Distance Driver

Latitude 64 Saint

Top Fairway/Control Driver

Dynamic Disc Felon

Top Midrange Discs

Dynamic Discs Truth

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Justice Latitude 64 Claymore

Top Putter Discs

Dynamic Discs Judge

Latitude 64 Pure  

Personalize Your Own Disc Golf Discs

All of our discs are office PDGA approved disc golf discs that are processed and manufactured with high quality polymer mixes. The difference is that through our website, you can design your own disc. We have access to multi color printing which allows players to customize intricate designs with a high quality finish. The discs golf discs listed above are the ones that made the most popular list, but we carry many more makes and models. You can click the link below to check out our full collection.

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Free Swag: Company Promotional Frisbees

Company Promotional Frisbees

When it comes to company promotion products, quality is worth investing in. Many companies are looking into ways to enhance the well being of their employers and customers. This may be from promoting their businesses with water bottles to keep people hydrated, or sunscreen to help protect people from sun damage. People are growing more health conscious, and companies are starting to recognize this shift as well. People love gifts, and when it is a gift that promotes well being and that stands out, their value can help make a positive impression. The key is gifting a thoughtful gift, and company promotional frisbees can actively generate new business in a fun and thoughtful way.

Other Ways to Market with Company Promotional Frisbees

I usually go to a local grocery store for cat food, but my kitty had a stomach issue, so I searched online for a specialized cat food product. My search lead me to Chewy, which had a great selection of food. They provided me with great service, and even sent me a customized thank you post card to follow up after receiving my order. I was really surprised to receive a follow up note and kept the card on my fridge. This type of marketing works, because it generates positive feelings between the customer and the company. A nice frisbee gift can really make a great impression as a gift to a client. Once a proposal has been closed or a service has been completed, a follow up gift can make a nice touch of thoughtfulness. Quality gifts can also make lasting impressions during business conventions and are great for marketing.

Unique Promotion Products

Studies show that 62% of people will donate a free gift before throwing it away. This definitely helps with maximizing exposure. But if you give really unique gifts such as high quality company promotional frisbess, people are less likely to let go of the item. A nice frisbee will be shared among friends which will increase exposure in public places such as beaches and parks. Having a unique promotional product will also really help your company stand out from others. Our frisbees may be more expensive than others since they are made of a high quality polymer mix. Customers will definitely notice a high quality gift and will have positive associations when it comes to remembering your company band. We also have bulk rates for large orders to help with costs.

Company Promotional Frisbees that Stand Out

<p= class”p”>Our design application and high quality prints will help make your frisbees stand out from generic frisbee products. Our printers allow us to print and unlimited amount of colors. We can print your company name and logo, or you can opt for something more personalized along with your logo. Our design application makes it easy to create the look that you want.

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How to Design a Custom Disc Golf Disc

How to design a custom disc golf disc

Design Your Disc

There is nothing like being the designer and creator of your own product. Here at flydiscs.com, we want YOU to have the freedom to create your own personal disc golf disc! Create one for yourself or for a family member or friend! Do you want to learn how to create a custom disc golf disc? Well you’re in luck! You’ve come to the right place. By following the steps of our super easy process, you can be sure your disc will be unique and one-of-a-kind! You can choose and personalize from a selection of Putters, Mid Range, and Drivers. Our discs are the utmost quality discs by the well known Trilogy: DynamicDiscs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs.

It’s Really That Easy

Learning how to design your own custom disc golf disc is a piece of cake. Seriously! It’s not rocket science, and it sure is more fun.

1) First, you’ll select from a Putter, Midrange, or Driver and the specific option or size you’d like.

2) Next, the customization process begins! You can choose from background colors, upload an image from your computer, input text from our many font options, or further customize a design that’s already on our site! Pick wild colors/designs, a funny picture or quote, or a picture that will look awesome whizzing through the air on the course! This is YOUR disc, so do whatever you want. When you know how to design your own custom disc golf disc, there are no boundaries.

3) Last, save your image, enter your email, and decide if you want to share your design with others or keep it all to yourself. The choise is yours. Now, you can purchase your custom disc or come back for it later.

4) You’re finished. Don’t be surprised if your friends start asking you where you got your disc. Feel free to teach them how to design their own custom disc golf disc now that you’re an expert!