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Custom Ultimate Frisbee Discs

Create your own ultimate frisbee discs at for the ultimate customization experience. Upload your own photos or logos, add graphics and colors from our free library, and add custom text with tons of fun fonts! In minutes, your one of a kind disc creation is ready for order!

Make Your Disc Unique

Personalization features are endless with the array of features and possibilities in our Customizer, the best disc design tool online! Choose from layered colors and shades that accent each photo you upload. You can add in personalized text that will fit perfectly on the look you create for your awesome ultimate frisbee. Choose our FlyDiscs brand or other popular brand ultimate discs, like the Discraft Ultrastar or the Innova Pulsar, and then bring your ultimate frisbee to life on a whole new level. Our frisbees have strict professional standards and meet both official size and weight regulations. FlyDiscs makes it possible to visualize real-time customization on top discs unlike any other source online. Choose a fast and easy way to create your ultimate frisbee discs with our customizer and see quality results you’ll love!

Reload & Customize Any Design On Our Site

Browse our community design gallery for inspiration, and customize any design you want! Designs marked public for use in our community gallery can be easily reloaded and edited with a click of a button! Just click “Customize This Design” on any public design on our site to load it up and make it your own! This will not edit the original design, but rather make a copy just for you. If you like, you can still keep your designs private just for you, or you can mark them public and share the creative wealth with the community so that other people can also use your design as a starting point! Our community is full of all types of great designs, some funny, some sentimental, some wacky, some crazy, you name it! There’s something in there for everyone, and even if you start blank, you can still get some great ideas for your next ultimate frisbee.

Design Your Own Ultimate Frisbee

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With our easy four step process creating your unique Ultimate Frisbee disc has never been easier! You can design your disc right now and be ready to send thru to production in just a few minutes. Once you’ve ordered your custom ultimate frisbee, the rest is up to us and your personalized ultimate frisbee disc will print exactly as you designed it and ship right to your door.

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