Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How long is processing and shipping?

    Processing Times:
    Disc golf discs: 2-5 business days.
    Innova Pulsars Ultimate Frisbees are 10-15 business days
    Other Ultimate Frisbees: 5-8 business days.

    Shipping Times:
    USA Shipping: 2-5 business days through UPS or USPS.
    International Shipping: 15-25 Business Days.
    In all cases, once your order ships, you will receive an automatic email with your tracking number.

    Delays can be caused by a design being submitted in violation of our policies, such as copyrighted content, drugs, nudity, or even if very low resolution. If there is an issue with your design we will email you to resolve it. If you submit an order and it is flagged for any reason, it will be put on hold and delayed until resolved or cancelled.

  2. What color are your discs?

    We print on solid blank white discs for the best color results. Some models of Latitude 64 discs are slightly transparent, which does affect the color and makes the print duller in the shade and full color when seen with the sunlight showing thru, but for the most part the prints are very vivid on the white base material. All of our Ultimate Frisbees are more or less the same white plastic you’re used to, not “greyish” as the web template lighting & shading seems to overcompensate for in the graphic especially on Ultimate, making it look like grey plastic – it’s not, it’s white. If you pick a white background, it will match the white of the disc. If you leave the background blank, it will be white. If there are pictures of colored discs with the original stamps, that’s just so that you can recognize the discs by how you may have seen them in the past, but ours will be white for customs.

  3. I need my disc by a certain date. What should I do?

    Please contact us directly and let us know your order ID (if you have one) and when you need your disc by. Sometimes there will be an additional cost to expedite.

  4. What is the diameter of the disc golf discs?

    All of our disc golf discs are the usual 8.5″ in diameter except for the Truth, Verdict, Claymore and Core which are 8.6″.

  5. Is my image high enough resolution? How will I know if my design will come out blurry?

    We recommend using images that are at least 1000px by 1000px for optimal resolution. If the preview on screen is blurry, it will almost definitely be blurry when printed. If the preview on screen is questionable or slightly blurry, it most likely will be blurry when printed. If your image is clear and not blurry at all on screen, it probably will be OK. If you are unsure, you can always email us your image or design and have our design team double check your image before you use it. To check the image yourself, zoom in on the image until it is the size that it will be on your product once printed. For example, if your image covers an entire disc, zoom in so the width of the image is about 8″. Once printed, your image resolution will look closer to that preview.

  6. Which discs print edge to edge and which have borders?

    Due to the curve of some discs, we add a 1/2 inch white margin to the edge. Flatter discs print edge to edge. Please note that all disc designs will start to fade as the disc’s shape begin to curve. 

    The list is below:

    Drivers with 1/2 inch border:

    • -Misselin
    • -Defender
    • -Enforcer
    • -Trespass
    • -Ballista
    • -Bolt
    • -Knight
    • -Saint
    • -Scythe
    • -Sheriff
    • -XXX

    Drivers without border:

    • -Convict
    • -Stiletto

    Midranges with Border:

    • -Buzzz
    Midranges without Border:
    • -Verdict
    • -Evidence
    • -Justice
    • -Suspect

    Putters with Border:

    • -None

    Putters without Border:

    • -Judge
    • -Warden
    • -Gauntlet
    • -Pure
  7. What weights do the disc golf discs come in and how do I request a specific weight?

    All of our discs start at 170g+. If there is a specific weight you’d like, please enter it in the comments when you checkout and we’ll do our best to get it to you, but not all weights are available (for all custom discs).

  8. Are there discounts for bulk orders?

    Yes. For more information and pricing, please visit our bulk order page.

  9. I already created a design and now I want to edit it. Do I have to start over?

    No, you do not need to start over! Click the link to your design from your email. From that page click “Customize my design”. Your design will reload and you can edit any part of it. It will save as a new design when you are finished.

  10. Will I receive a tracking number?

    Yes. Once the order is ready to ship, we will assign a tracking number to you. Our system will automatically send the tracking number to your email.

  11. What is your return policy?

    Please review our return policy here.

  12. My question isn’t listed here. How do I contact you?

    If additional assistance is needed or you have a question about a product, please contact us at: You can also give us a call at our toll free number 1-844-332-3111.