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Disc golfing is more than a sport; It’s a culture. If you’re an avid player, you know having a few discs is not enough to really improve on your game.  That’s why Fly Disc has partnered with Prodigy Discs to bring you their awesome products that will make playing and practicing better than ever.


Backpacks Are a Must

I can’t stress enough how having a backpack designed to store your discs and equipment will change your life. Not exaggerating. Prodigy Discs offers two great packs  that holds up to 26 discs, plus putters, and even comes with expandable side pockets for additional space so you will never run out of room for your collection. Their backpacks are made with quality material and reinforced to maintain their shape and protect your discs. We love the additional water bottle and accessory holders so you can pop your keys and wallet into the bag

Portable Disc Golf Targets

One of the coolest things we’ve started to offer that are a must for avid disc golfers are these Prodigy portable targets that let you set up and practice anywhere. These things break down into a bag that is less than 2 feet wide, in minutes. We’ve got a lightweight practice version and a sturdier target that you can set up in any open space to create a course. They’re equipped with a flag to indicate the wind direction and speed, too.

Custom Prodigy Discs

Prodigy also offers awesome discs that, thanks to FlyDisc, you can completely customize just like any of our our home brand discs. We offer their quality drivers, putters, and midranges which you can get in bulk packs. At the end of the day, your discs are the most important part of all, and we love providing a way for you to personalize each new one you purchase. We’re pumped about these new products that are sure to help you advance your game and have fun doing it.

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Up Your Ultimate Game with These Custom Frisbees

One of the few sports that has remained relatively safe during all of the changing global events has, unsurprisingly for those of us who know the game, been disc golf. If you’re looking to pick up a hobby or a new activity right now, you’re fairly limited to outdoor and spacious activities. For experienced disc golfers and new players alike, this has highlighted the sport. But renting frisbees from your local course is annoying, not to mention unsettling considering life during a pandemic and the idea of using a dirty, reused disc. Now more than ever is the time to jump on these custom frisbees from FlyDiscs so you can personalize your game and stay safe!

Custom Frisbees for a Custom Game

Regardless of your skill level, you can up your game even further with custom frisbees from FlyDiscs. Our easy-to-use online customizer lets you have full control of your design. We can print anything from pictures to graphic designs. If you have an image in mind, you can simply upload it to our customizer. If you’d rather design your own, our site gives you the freedom to design every inch of your disc and we offer a wide selection of graphics and colors to play with.

Custom Frisbees Picture     Custom Frisbees Design

Quality First

We got into the business of custom frisbees because we love the game, which means we prioritize quality. We want you to have custom discs that not only look good but last long and play well. You’ll find that our discs can compete with what you’ll find at any course. Want a custom weight? Email us with your request and we’ll do our best to get you what you need. Worried about your image? Reach out and our team can test your image before you purchase to ensure it will come out clear and properly formatted. We’re here to help.  

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Spend your summer practicing social distancing, safety, and disc golf by purchasing your own, personalized discs. Give yourself the extra ease of knowing that your playing with discs that you created and that come home with you when you’re done.

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