Top 5 Health Benefits of Playing Disc Golf

Disc Golf is not just fun but it is also good for your health.   

1) Exercise

Disc golf is a serves as a form of exercise, the throwing motion engages multiple muscles in your upper body.

On average, a disc golf play does about 5600 steps while playing an 18-hole course.  Studies have shown that people who do 7000 steps increases their life expectancy.

Increasing your walking speed or jogging can help you burn extra calories.  Burning more calories help you lose weight.

2) Healthy Heart

Exercise improves your heart health and lowers your blood pressure.

3) Vitamin D

Getting outdoors on the disc golf course can also help you get your dose of Vitamin D.  With an increase in people working from home, many are low on vitamin D.  Why buy Vitamin D supplements when you can get out, play disc golf, have fun and soak up the sun for your dose of vitamin D

4) Improved Mood

Getting outdoors and playing disc golf, getting some physical activity and exercise releases serotonin and endorphins.    Serotonin makes you feel happy and euphoric.  endorphins are neurotransmitors released by the brain to relieve pain and promote pleasure.

5) Relieves Stress

Stress plays a big factor on health and can affect every system in your body from suppressing your immune system, to upsetting your stomach, to increasing your risk of heart attack, to increased and faster aging.

Exercise reduces stress.  The combination of serotonin and endorphins will certainly help improve your mood and stress levels.

Another added benefit of playing disc golf is a Sense of Community.  Being around others who are enjoying doing something they are passionate about is a great feeling.

Go Play some Disc Golf

Get your disc golf discs and get out to your nearest disc golf course for a healthy round of disc golf.

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