Mini Disc Golf

What is Mini Disc Golf?

Mini disc golf is a new sub-sport where both the disc and the basket are mini!

About Mini Disc Golf Discs and Baskets

The discs are derived from typical marker discs, and the basket is a small and easily portable size that makes taking it on any trip easily possible. It’s also nice for offices or back yards because you can fit an entire 9 or 18 baskets in a much smaller space than with traditional “big disc golf” baskets – as they call them in the sport.

Mini Disc Golf Bags

Mini disc golf bags are smaller than normal “big disc golf” bags because the discs are so much smaller. ┬áThis is a fun way to take your discs on the go or out on the coarse without needing a large, expensive or bulky full size disc golf bag.

Much More Coming Soon!

Check back soon as we update this page with more info and great products for mini disc golf and mini frisbees!

Ear to the Street

Check out this video from the roots of Mini Disc Golf from 2008:

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