Custom Disc Golf TowelS

Design your own disc golf towel!


Disc Golf Towel

Our microfiber Custom Disc Golf Towels are super absorbent with a handle.  19 x 37 in.

Custom Plush Disc Golf Towel

Small Disc Golf Towel

Our Small Custom Disc Golf Towels are a microfiber poly-blend on top, with terry cotton on bottom.  15 x 25 in.

What THE HECK is a Disc Golf Towel?

Disc golf towels are used to clean your disc golf discs.  Dust off dirt or wipe off water because dirty wet discs are no fun and don’t fly as nice.  These can both keep your disc cleaner, and keep less dirt from going in your bag.  Nobody likes dirty bags!

Not to mention, once you have a custom printed disc, you’ll want to keep it clean so you can admire it with no dirt getting in the way.

When you’re not using them, they can also make great wall hangers!  Design your own towel and hang it up at home or the office to enjoy your customized towel design daily!