About Fly Discs

Who We Are

Based in beautiful San Diego, CA, we are dedicated to the passion.  We love disc golf and have been playing both disc golf and ultimate frisbee for decades.  We disc golf mostly at Morley Field, and sometimes up around Kit Carson, meaning it’s not uncommon to find our custom discs stuck in trees! (kidding… not kidding)

We had dreamed of launching this website for years before we finally made it a reality in 2014. We looked for a site where we could put our own graphics on disc golf discs and ultimate discs and we couldn’t find anything that really excited us or let us take our discs to the next level and have more fun with them creatively. With a background in software, we knew we could make it a reality, so we did! We’ve been rocking custom disc golf discs of our own creations on the disc golf courses around San Diego ever since.

If you’ve ever played with a funky rental disc at Morley field with a Pepperoni Pizza on it, you’ve already played with a Fly Disc and probably didn’t even realize it! If you’ve never had the pleasure, let us welcome you to the custom disc revolution.

Non-custom discs are cool and all, and some of them are downright awesome. But, there’s nothing quite like holding and hucking your own creation into the blue sky and landing a sweet shot with a disc that has no other copies! 

So, we invite you to design your own disc, share in the fun, and as always, share with friends and grow the sport!

Our Mission

Our mission is a tri-force of what we think is good for the sport:

1) Enable players to design and customize discs with imagination and personal expression easily online

2) Change the face of discs in sports to embody freedom of personal expression and creativity (instead of brand names) and thereby grow the sport to w aider audience by making it more fun and interesting, to more people, in more ways than just competitively (creatively, humorously, proudly, fashionably, socially, etc).

3) Support players that share our vision and enjoyment for custom discs with our Team and Ambassador Sponsorships

We hope that by infusing the disc sports with creativity at the hands of the players and fans, the courses of the world will be riddled with amazing colorful discs, each saying something more than what brand makes the plastic.

To us, it will always be more about the players than the brands in their quiver. It’s more about coming together, enjoying the sport, and sharing that with each other.  That said, the disc choice is its own sport, and adding to that with creativity and freedom of expression only deepens this experience and can be funny, cool, beautiful, artsy, heartwarming, or anything you want it to be.  In our minds this is an open ended beginning to what can become millions of amazing unique discs throughout the world that tell more of a story than “Innova” can tell stamped on a disc, because they are so much larger than the individual and they really don’t need the extra advertising.  People ask what disc people are throwing, and that’s great too, if they have to ask.

So, we hope this empowers the individual, the team, the club, the pro, the amateur, the beginner, the friend, the husband, the wife, the kids, the courses, or anyone else who loves disc golf and helps it thrive. In turn, through deeper engagement in disc sport experiences, we hope to help grow the sport by generating more buzz and interest in the many fun sides of owning your own customized quiver and having just one more reason to let it fly.

Fly Discs Fly!

There is just something awesome about designing your own disc, making an entire disc just the way you want it, hucking it down the fairway and watching it fly. No labels, no brands, only your pictures and your design on a sweet, quality, custom disc.  Something even more pure, even more awesome.  That’s why we’re here, we want you to be able to design and disc golf disc you want. The first time you try it, you will be amazed how awesome a disc can look with your own personal style on it – and how fun it can be.  More fun than it sounds!  No matter how great it looks on screen, holding it in your hand always looks twice as good and showing friends and other players on the course is the best.  When it aces, everyone will revere it’s unstoppable awesomeness as it overflows directly into the chains.

Quality Discs – Top Brands

Our product is the quality you expect and deserve on the course.  We have playing with our first custom discs since we got them, and we cringe at the tough of playing with crap discs.  We guarantee no matter what you put on your custom disc golf disc you’ll love how it looks, and when you throw it you’ll love how it flies.  You can check the stats of each disc in the product descriptions.

We print on the top brands in the sport, and are always trying to bring on more top brands if we don’t already have them. If there is a brand of disc you would like us to carry, please contact us and let us know!

Business / Corporate Programs

We have excellent corporate and business programs for designing your own fly discs and pride ourselves on being able to deliver the exact designs you want. From decorating the inside of a restaurant to a promotional event materials to prizes at sponsored events we’ve seen it all. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be in touch to help you directly.


We work with the top manufacturers to customize the best products available and stick by that commitment as our own customers.

If you are a disc golf, ultimate frisbee, or accessory company please contact us as we are always interested in hearing about great, new products.