Love Anime? So do we!

Customize any anime disc golf discs (or purchase as-is) from our collections and community.

Anime Disc Golf Disc Collection

We know how difficult it can be to pick a favorite anime, and its is just as difficult to pick an anime design for a disc. That’s why we’ve made an anime collection! Take a look and get some inspiration!


Design Your Own Anime Disc Golf Disc

You can make your own anime disc golf disc in just a few steps. First go to our site and select a disc. Next, customize it the way you want it. Finally, use our customizer to upload your favorite anime images .

You can upload unlimited images, add text, change colors and more!

Favorite Anime Characters On a Disc Golf Disc

Are you shopping for a gift for someone who loves anime?  They will absolutely love you if you gift them a custom disc with their favorite anime girl or hero.

Do you know what anime they like?  We’ve seen some awesome One Piece and Dragon Ball Z discs – amongst many others!

So, if you know what their favorite anime is, upload an image of it on to a custom disc, or look for it in our anime design collection and they’re sure to love you forever for it!




Our custom discs don’t just look awesome, they fly awesome too!  Try out the amazing Trilogy discs – Drivers, Mid Ranges, and Putters made by Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and/or West Side Discs.  Scope out our catalog for more great disc brands.  Our inventory is always changing, so check back often and grab them while they’re available.

Anime Disc Golf

High Quality Discs

All of our discs are high quality and course ready as soon as you recieve it!



Customize our discs by designing from scratch or by using any existing public design in our design collections or community designs pages

Save Unlimited Designs

Design and save as many designs as you want.  Every design you save will be saved here on our website in your My Designs section, and also emailed to you with a link so you can easily share, customize, or purchase them.

Save Private Designs

If you’d like to save a design privately, simply un-check the box in step 4 in our Customizer for saving publicly and only you will be able to access the design by logging into your account.