Try Our Custom Discs Down At Morley Field!

We’re a San Diego company so our local course is the legendary Morley Field Disc Golf Course, one of the crown jewels of disc golfing. As an institution for disc golf and one of greatest courses in America you can imagine how thrilled we were to support Morley Field and get some of our discs in the pro shop. If you’re looking to demo or rent a disc for the day try out a custom disc golf disc from Fly Discs;.

What Models Are Down There?

Pretty much one of everything! We have custom drivers, custom midrange, and custom putters down there for you to try out. Check out our hole sponsorship too, and don’t be afraid to ask for Fly Discs…

Which One Is The Best?

It’s hard to say what the best of our custom discs down at Morley are but if we haaaaaaaaad to pick a fav that you should grab when you’re down there we recommend trying to snag the pepperoni pizza disc!

Author: fly discs