We are happy to announce that we offer custom Prodigy Discs!

UPDATE 9/23/23:
We have both individual custom prodigy discs or bulk 25 packs now (here).

prodigy disc golf discs

Custom Prodigy Disc 25 pack

Great for Events

Our custom Prodigy Disc discs golf discs are available in packs of 25 and are perfect for your next event. Our custom disc golf discs make great gifts, ie wedding party gifts, party favors, etc.

Great for Groups

Our Custom Prodigy Disc golf discs 25 pack are great for disc golf clubs, schools, and community groups.

Great for Tournaments

Are you or your team playing in a disc golf tournament? If so, get yourself a pack of custom disc golf discs and show up to win in style!


Author: Fly Discs Admin

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