Fuck Yea Latitude 64 Gold Line Missilen Driver Disc by lsimmons2020

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Custom Latitude 64 Gold Line Missilen Driver Disc

The Missilen is arguably the fastest golf disc on the market. If you are looking for a fast disc, this is it. The Missilen has hexagonal cavities printed on the disc to help reduce drag and increase speed. Its wide rim and shape combined with the hexagonal cavity technology sends this disc flying at top speeds that are unphased by wind! This disc is great for long distance throws, tomahawk throws and forehand curves. This disc is designed for a more experienced player.

*Please note that this disc is textured with two tear drop shaped smooth areas for your thumbs. This could cause your image to look slightly pixelated. Also, colors in photos are just for display, your disc will be printed on a white disc.

Designer: lsimmons2020
Design Tags: motherfucker