Design 50839 MVP Neutron Medium Ion Putter Disc by aaronpsteinberg

Design 50839 Disc Golf and Ultimate Discs

Custom MVP Neutron Medium Ion Putter Disc

The MVP Neutron Medium Ion is a straight-flying putter with a lot of glide that has an over molded edge. This disc features a softer outside edge which aids in grabbing the chains and dropping into the basket. In addition to it's unique over-mold design is the comforatble grip of the disc. The edge where the flight plate meets the rim is rounded, so your fingers comform to the disc when you hold it. This is a Medium flexibility model.

Please note that all MVP discs have a black outer rim ("GYRO Technology - click here for more information"). This does not show in the design preview, but your design will have a black outer rim.

Designer: aaronpsteinberg
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