Cow Spots Innova Pulsar Ultimate Frisbee Disc (Custom)

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Custom Innova Pulsar Ultimate Frisbee Disc (Custom)

The Innova Pulsar - an industry standard ultimate frisbee disc.. This is the USA Ultimate Approved Innova Pulsar Premium Ultimate Dis. This is a regulation disc for ultimate frisbee (not disc golf), and also makes a great leisure disc to play catch with. It is lighter and softer on the hand when catching because of it's larger size and lighter weight (especially compared to the smaller and harder disc golf disc). Ultimate Frisbees are meant to be thrown between players on a field, so the design is naturally more geared for catching. The large radius also makes it easier to throw a longer, floating toss. How is this different than a disc golf disc? Disc golf discs, on the other hand, are meant for throwing at a basket, not a person so are not as catch-friendly and can sting the hand with harder heavier edges, compared to the softer and lighter ultimate frisbee.
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