Design 649107 Custom Ultimate Frisbee (Direct Print) by Christopher Dahlberg

Design 649107 Disc Golf and Ultimate Discs

Custom Custom Ultimate Frisbee (Direct Print)

Your Design on a regulation Custom Ultimate Frisbee Disc! Make a Design in Minutes Easily make a custom Ultimate Frisbee design in a few minutes.  Add your own design, image, or photo onto a regulation Ultimate Frisbee disc.  It's fast and easy to do! Full Color Print We will print your design onto a regulation Ultimate Frisbee disc.  Upload your photos, add text, or graphics to your custom Ultimate Frisbee.  Your direct print design on a custom ultimate frisbee, print area diameter of 8.5 inches. *Note About Print: The image is printed with high-quality ink directly onto the disc in full digital CMYK color, with a print area diameter of 8.5 inches. Due to curvature of disc, the printed image may appear slightly pixilated or distorted towards the curved edges of the disc. To account for this, the print will stop short of the edge curvature to prevent too much blurring but some edge distortion can occur. If the edge distortion or blurring is still too much, we may shrink the design an inch or so to reduce blurring or overspray and improve the print quality near the edges.  
Design Tags: cartoon , funny

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