Mastering disc golf shots is something you can always be working on as a player. There are many videos and tools on the internet that you may utilize to help you grow strength and technique when shooting.

There are a couple techniques when driving those long distance shots. Sidearm, Backhand and overhand shots depend on a few different elements. You should always keep a few things in mind when preparing for any shot. The wind, the slope of the ground and where obstacles are just a few elements to think about before driving.

The backhand driving technique is best used when you are throwing for consistent distance. Approach your mark with an x-step, turn your hip away from the target and allow you arm to pull across your chest.  Pro Jeremy Koling provides information on the three most common techniques of  distance driving.

When attempting a side arm distance shot, you really want to make sure your palm is facing the sky through your follow. You don’t want to roll your wrist over.

Finally, the hook thumb, which is best for higher throws, is all about the grip. Make sure you have a tight grip and toss up at 12 o’ clock.

Watch the clip below to see how Pro Jeremy Koling uses specific techniques of  distance driving.

Here are some tips on how to grip your disc, and throw a distance drive:

Other Tips:

  • Video yourself throwing each shot and make note on how you can improve your positioning.


  • Sidearm shots are typically more successful with a more stable disc. Start by choosing a stable disc to drive with. Once you get the hang of it chance to different discs


  • Start by mastering your foot placement. Once you get your stance, work on your swing and wrist snap. Finally add the foot placement and swing together to create a rhythm that works for you.






Author: Morgan Barnes