How To Get Sponsored

Get Sponsored!

Get sponsored for Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Trickshots, or Freestyle disc sports!


NOTE: Before Submitting for Sponsorship You MUST HAVE:

  1. Have at least 3 posts on your social media account of yourself visibly holding or playing one of our custom disc golf discs, apparel, or accessories (show that you rep us)
  2. Have at least 5 posts on your social media of yourself playing disc golf 
  3. Don’t have drugs / violence / racism / weapons in your feed. Keep it fun, meet our requirements and we might hook you up.


Eligible for free custom disc golf disc, swag, gear, and our exclusive site-wide discounts. 

Apply For Free

Please send your information using the form on this page for consideration for our Ambassadors, Crew, or Team level (Am / Pro) sponsorship.


– FlyDiscs Team

Confirm social media account and feed does not have drugs / violence / racism / weapons , etc.