Thanks for checking out our new website that was just launched recently! It’s still getting more small updates all the time, so check back often for inventory updates and website page updates. We’re running it at “” for a period while we transition, but soon it will take over as the main website.

The new site upgrades include:

  1. It’s much easier to see what inventory we have in stock quickly! A common request.
  2. Our new Design Collections section is expanding with new designs
  3. More apparel options
  4. Better shipping options
  5. Many bug fixes from the old site (saving designs, etc)
  6. Some cool / fun new design aesthetics.

A couple of notes for users who had accounts on our OLD website:

  1. Account / Designs:
    Your account will remain the same email address on this new site.  When we switch over to the main web address, your designs will all be retained in your account and your email address will remain the same.  Your old designs should all be transferred to the new website under your same email address.  We may run updates periodically to sync designs from the old site as well.
  2. New Passwords:
    For security purposes, we had to reset passwords on the new site.  To access your account on the new site, you will need to reset your password to log in.
  3. Old Orders:
    Only orders placed on the new website will show in your account on the new website, and old orders on the old site.


Aside from these small inconveniences listed above, everything else should be working much better here on the new website.  Also, we welcome any feedback you may have about the new site so that we may continue to improve, so if you happen to find anything not quite right, please let us know!

Author: fly discs