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Looking for the Best Ultimate Frisbee Disc

Here at Fly Discs, we have what every Ultimate Frisbee disc player needs. Our high quality polymer mix Ultimate Frisbee discs are PDGA approved discs. We make discs for Ultimate Frisbee teams, personal discs for players, to novice who are just starting out. If you are looking for a disc to toss around at the park or beach, our discs are great for that too! It is not only the top quality model of Ultimate Frisbees we use that makes it the best, but also the fact that you can design ultimately anything you want on our disc. Teams will often get their logo and colors designed to put on their team discs. For a unique gift, a personal design can be easily printed on our high quality discs. This is what makes Fly Disc the best place to shop while looking for the best Ultimate Frisbee Discs for 2016

Ultimate Frisbee Discs With Your Own Design

You can use out online customizer tool to create any design on a new 2016 Ultimate frisbee disc. There is no color limit to the design, and you can also add text to the design. This makes it easy to create a team Ultimate Frisbee discs for all the 2016 team members this year. For these large orders, you can ask our customer service department for bulk pricing too!
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From a High School Joke to the Real Thing

Joel Silver, a famed film producer, was a student at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, when we was introduced to a crude version what we know today as the game of Ultimate Frisbee. He was inspired at a summer camp that introduced the game to the kids as a summer sport activity. In the fall of 1968, Joel proposed the game as a part of the school’s curriculum at a student council meeting. It was meant as a joke by being an anti-sport. Ultimate frisbee has come a long way since then. Watching it today, you can see that it is a skillful sport that requires much technique and team work. Now in 2016, Ultimate Frisbee is considered a real sport and is in the works to become a game played at the Olympics. It is official! The president of WFDF says, “This is an incredible milestone in the 30-year history of WFDF and a further important step for our International Federation in the development of our sport worldwide.”

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