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We offer discounts for wholesale disc golf discs, ultimate discs, and promotional frisbees. We have a dedicated process for handling your bulk disc golf disc and ultimate disc orders. Our discounts are per disc per design. Our bulk order discounts start at 10+ discs and the pricing breakdown is below for both disc golf discs and ultimate frisbee discs.

If your order is for a company and brand colors/resolution is important, you can also email us the vector or high resolution CMYK file for us to use to print. This will ensure accurate color matching. Please let us know if this is something we need to pay special attention to.

How to Order

The price of the custom discs will automatically discount with a 10+ order, so you can easily place your bulk custom disc order directly through our website. If you’d like to place the order outside of the website, please email contact@flydiscs.com or use our contact form with the following information:

  1. 1) Full name & shipping address
  2. 2) Email to send a PayPal invoice
  3. 3) Link to your design or the design ID #

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Design Your Own Custom Wholesale Disc Golf Disc!

Get your logo on a disc golf disc and make a huge impression. One of the coolest way to display a logo and perfect for nearly every logo type and size disc golf discs are a perfect medium to design. Disc golf discs lend themselves particularly well to promotion with businesses and companies that have round logos. Most promotional products are either rectangular or some sort of apparel, disc golf discs stand separate as a round product and with the right use of a corporate logo and an interesting background on the design you can really help your brand make a statement. Huge bonus: there are no store bought disc golf discs using custom printing! When the discs hit the disc golf course they’ll stand out from every other disc and generate a lot of word of mouth.

You Can Also Design your Own Whole Ultimate Frisbee Discs!

Not to be outdone by the smaller and slightly heavier disc golf disc a custom ultimate frisbee disc is one of the most popularly customized products. With a beveled edge and larger height compared to the discs golf disc the ultimate frisbee disc is more of a centralized round print. Shaped like a traditional frisbee a custom ultimate frisbee disc will feel comfortable in everyone’s hands. A huge difference between a traditional promotional frisbee and an ultimate frisbee is the quality. An ultimate frisbee disc is created account to very specific weights and measures and is thicker and uses higher quality plastic. For brands interested in an image of quality, or if you’re in to ultimate and know what you need, wholesale custom ultimate frisbees are the perfect choice.