Get Your Photo Of Your Dog On A Disc And Rep Your Pooch

Get Your Photo of Your Dog on A Disc

Use Your Photos to Put Your Dog On A Custom Disc!

Every dog has their day but not have every dog has their adorable dog face on a disc! Here at Fly Discs we believe disc golf is better with pictures of your dog on a disc. We love our office dog Marley so much we use her picture on all of our sample and test prints and we love taking them out on the course. Dogs are a disc golfers best friend and we’re stoked to always keep our dog in the game with a personalized disc that has her on it. We don’t just have photos of our dog on our disc golf discs, we also print a ton of dog photos on ultimate frisbee discs and they look just as cute. Click here to design your own!

Your Dog Is Special, Make Your Disc Special

Every dog is different and they each have their own fun personalities. From the tiniest puppy to the biggest doggo, no dog is the same. Use our customizer to add images, colors, and text and make your disc really show your dog’s personality. Want to add your dog’s name to your disc? No problem, use our customizer to pick the font for your dog’s name that matches who they really are. Create that one special disc in the quiver that makes you think of your dog every time. Foochs Fury With His Dog And PDGA Number

The Perfect Gift For A Dog Lover

Isn’t everyone a dog lover at heart? You can never go wrong with a custom disc as a gift, and a disc with someone’s dog on it is going to melt everyone’s hearts. Dog memes on discs can be easy to create with our disc customizer, you can add any text or other images you want to create a hilarious gift for someone or make it the perfect gift for any dog lover. Dogs love to tag along for any outside adventure and any disc sport, disc golf or ultimate, are a great way to get them out with you. Click here to design a disc for a dog lover!

Get Discs For Your Dog, How to Pick The Perfect Dog Toy Disc

Dog Frisbees and Dog Discs Dog discs and dog frisbees are different than human disc golf discs or ultimate discs; a dog disc or dog frisbee is often made out of alternate materials and is not in a regulation size or weight. Dog discs and dog frisbees are not usually the same as other discs. That’s fine, dogs don’t care! But you might! If you have a dog you know what happens once they start chewing on a standard disc, it will leave bite marks and generally wreck the disc for regulation play. Also depending on the strength of the plastics and the dog it may not be safe for their teeth and gums. We do have pet safe dog discs. They make the perfect add on with a custom printed disc so both you and your dog can hit the course with a new disc!

Looking For Custom Discs? Click Here to Get Photos of Your Dog On Your Own Disc! Get Your Photo of Your Dog on A Disc

Custom Ultimate Frisbee Discs Are Here!

Custom Ultimate Frisbee Disc - Design Your OwnIt’s been one of our top requests for a long time to add ultimate frisbee discs to our catalog of customizable discs. Well, we’re happy to announce that they’re officially live on our site! Now you can create a custom ultimate frisbee with your own colors, pictures, graphics, and text.

Design Your Own Custom Ultimate Disc Online in Minutes

As usual this disc is fully customizable for you to personalize it with anything you want, using our incredibly easy disc customizer – the best design-your-own-disc app on the web! It’s a breeze to upload your own photos, create color fades, add custom text with over 50 fonts to choose from, and even play around with effects and blend modes to give your disc a truly unique look. Every disc is full-color printed and shipped right to your door with great vibrant color. One thing is for sure, nobody will mistake your beautiful custom ultimate disc for all of the common plain white and standard logo discs that you typically see. You may have to deal with the occasional question about how you came to own such an awesome disc, but hey, that’s the price of being awesome. Click here to design your own custom ultimate frisbee disc.

Customize Any Disc Design On the Site

If you’re looking for a cool design to start with but only see disc golf discs, that’s OK! You can reload any design on our site onto the ultimate frisbee disc. Just browse to any design, and look for ultimate frisbee disc in the list of products in the right column. Click on it to reload the design onto that disc and you can edit it or send it thru as is, to do as much or as little as you want with the design.

Great Disc For Playing Catch

Ultimate frisbees are a much better choice for a leisure frisbee to play catch with or take to the park. It’s a lot easier to catch and easy to throw. This is because the disc itself is much larger, lighter, and floats better than a golf disc would. Ultimate frisbee is a game meant for throwing the disc between players with lots of hand catches, thus the disc is designed to be much easier on the hand than a golf disc would be – which is more for just throwing down a fairway or at a basket rather than between people. Ultimate discs are thus a great choice for an all-around disc to have fun with on the beach or at the park.

How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

If you’re not familiar with the sport of ultimate frisbee, you should try it out! Pick up games are fun and easy to play. Ideally you’ll need at least 2-3 people on each team minimum. Set up some goal areas for touchdowns. Each team has to pass the disc back and forth to get into the end zone for a touchdown, just like football, only while you hold a disc you have to stay in one spot. You can pivot around but you can’t take any steps until you throw the disc. In the beginning and after each touchdown, the disc is thrown down field to the receiving team, just like kick off in football. For exact rules, check out wikipedia’s article on ultimate frisbee

Put a Team Logo on Your Disc!

If you have an ultimate frisbee team, putting a logo and your team name on a disc is a great way to step it up a notch, build team pride, and command respect on the field. If you can’t play on your home field, bring your home disc for some home-team advantage wherever you go! College team logos or high school team logos are a popular option, too, though our favorites are the creative (and sometimes hilarious) ultimate team names people come up with.

Ready to design your
custom ultimate frisbee?

Design an Ultimate Disc »


Custom Disc Golf Discs Down at Legendary Morley Field!

Try Our Custom Discs Down At Morley Field!

We’re a San Diego company so our local course is the legendary Morley Field Disc Golf Course, one of the crown jewels of disc golfing. As an institution for disc golf and one of greatest courses in America you can imagine how thrilled we were to support Morley Field and get some of our discs in the pro shop. If you’re looking to demo or rent a disc for the day try out a custom disc golf disc from Fly Discs;.

What Models Are Down There?

Pretty much one of everything! We have custom drivers, custom midrange, and custom putters down there for you to try out. Check out our hole sponsorship too, and don’t be afraid to ask for Fly Discs…

Which One Is The Best?

It’s hard to say what the best of our custom discs down at Morley are but if we haaaaaaaaad to pick a fav that you should grab when you’re down there we recommend trying to snag the pepperoni pizza disc!

How to Design a Custom Disc Golf Disc

How to design a custom disc golf disc

Design Your Disc

There is nothing like being the designer and creator of your own product. Here at, we want YOU to have the freedom to create your own personal disc golf disc! Create one for yourself or for a family member or friend! Do you want to learn how to create a custom disc golf disc? Well you’re in luck! You’ve come to the right place. By following the steps of our super easy process, you can be sure your disc will be unique and one-of-a-kind! You can choose and personalize from a selection of Putters, Mid Range, and Drivers. Our discs are the utmost quality discs by the well known Trilogy: DynamicDiscs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs.

It’s Really That Easy

Learning how to design your own custom disc golf disc is a piece of cake. Seriously! It’s not rocket science, and it sure is more fun.

1) First, you’ll select from a Putter, Midrange, or Driver and the specific option or size you’d like.

2) Next, the customization process begins! You can choose from background colors, upload an image from your computer, input text from our many font options, or further customize a design that’s already on our site! Pick wild colors/designs, a funny picture or quote, or a picture that will look awesome whizzing through the air on the course! This is YOUR disc, so do whatever you want. When you know how to design your own custom disc golf disc, there are no boundaries.

3) Last, save your image, enter your email, and decide if you want to share your design with others or keep it all to yourself. The choise is yours. Now, you can purchase your custom disc or come back for it later.

4) You’re finished. Don’t be surprised if your friends start asking you where you got your disc. Feel free to teach them how to design their own custom disc golf disc now that you’re an expert!

Custom Disc Golf Gift – A Perfect,Unique Summer Gift

Need a Unique Gift?

Look no further! A disc golf disc is the perfect choice for this warm and sunny season! Surprise the outdoor enthusiast with a custom disc golf gift! Summer is in full effect and there’s no better time to be out on the course. Whether its quality family time or fun with friends, disc golf is a great way to spend time together! What a thoughtful way to show you care by designing your custom disc golf gift with your own images, texts, and colors that both the gift giver and receiver can enjoy.

Why Give a Custom Disc Golf Gift?

Its simple. Who wants to play disc golf with a plain and boring old disc? Not us. Not only will your disc golf gift be one of a kind, but also the best product quality for a long and dependable fly life. We work with the top manufacturers and are dedicated to providing superior disc golf discs to our customers. We offer Putters, Mid Range, and Drivers that will look great in the air with your custom pictures and design. Use our app to create your disc golf gift in a matter of minutes. You can start with a clean slate or customize any design on our site. There are no limitations for your creativity and the sky is the limit. Either way, you can be sure your disc golf gift will put a smile on the avid frisbee golfer’s face!

Wanna Get Out of the Office?

Disc golf discs are also the perfect promotional gift or prize to advertise your business or event. We guarantee to supply you with the exact design you need and want. Your company image will look sharp flying through the course. Summer is about leisure and entertainment, so get out there and have some fun on the course with your custom disc golf gifts! You’ll be a winner from tee shot to finish. Feel free to contact us directly for any specificiations.

Start with a custom driver disc here.

An Intro to Frisbee Golf

Have you heard about Frisbee golf? It’s frisbee, with golf interlinked. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Also known to the players of the sport as Disc Golf.  We specialize in making your Folf (frisbee golf) experience even better by letting you customize your very own frisbee. Whether you want your team’s logo or your own lovely face to grace the front of your frisbee, you can do it! And we can help.

It’s as Easy as Four Steps

By utilizing our systems’ online tool, you are on your way to creating a beautiful custom frisbee golf disc. There are 4 steps in this customizing process, the first being the background. With this step you can choose your own custom background. For example, a beautiful ocean scene! Next, you can add pictures, like you and your celebrity crush, walking along that beautiful beach. Third, you add text. For example: “Ryan Gosling and Sara Forever”. And last but not least, you save, pay and your customized golf disc is on it’s way!So easy, awesome, and totally worth the money. That love scene flying across the field should give you some good luck in winning the game and winning the love of celebrities. (Maybe not the second one, but will definitely help you play better). Check out other user designs here.

Get Creative

Not all sports give you the opportunity to customize your own implements. I mean, when was the last time you could put your face on your basketball, or your football? I mean you could, but I’m sure it would be a long, painful process trying to get your face on there. We make it easy for you, so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all! All you need is the creativity and desire to make your own custom frisbee golf disc. Do you have what it takes to create a masterpiece?

Disc golf is a fun, lively, interactive game where you can couple amusement with skill, whether you are 5 or 50. Why don’t you create your own custom frisbee golf disc to add to that frisbee golf enthusiasm? Give it a shot! Let us know how it goes!

Fly Discs Has Launched!

Woo hoo! We did it! After several months of hard work we’re pround to announce the launch of Fly Discs where you can design your own disc golf disc! There’s no other site quite like us out there and we’re excited to be very best custom disc gold discs. Thanks to everyone on the team over the past few months of getting this together! We’ll post more soon but we’re tired, until then why don’t you try design your own disc!