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Get sponsored for Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Trickshots, or Freestyle disc sports!

Requirements and Benefits

Team players require you to play and place in tournaments for your sport. Ambassadors do not have any tournament or winning requirements, but do require an active Instagram account. Team players receive free custom discs they can design themselves periodically throughout the year, free swag and gear, and our deepest site-wide discounts. Ambassadors receive at least 1 disc per year and a lower level of site-wide discounts. Additional ambassador gifts and hook ups are provided on a case-by-case basis, based on each ambassador’s level of involvement, amount of posts featuring FlyDiscs, and amount of overall content being produced. An extremely active Ambassador with a large online following can earn as much swag and discs and compensation as a pro player with enough followers and posts, but that is decided by the Team Manager and core FlyDiscs Crew each month. All athletes are invited to our events, parties, and outings.

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Please send your information including a COMPLETE user profile to us using the form on this page for consideration for our Ambassadors, Crew, or Team level (Am / Pro) sponsorship.


– FlyDiscs Team

FlyDiscs Sponsorships
Use this form to apply for sponsorship.
Your Home Turf
Enter the URL of your FlyDiscs profile aka your disc golf resume! As a basic test of aptitude, your Fly Discs profile MUST BE COMPLETE with a profile image, a cover image, your social media handle(s), and at least a handful of instagram or youtube clips for us to review your best stuff. (Hint: click "Profile" from the top menu to see your profile page and get the URL from the address bar in the browser, or click the "share link" button near your name on your profile page and copy it from the popup).
Enter your best social media or other profile where we can see more of your clips and pics. (You don't need to list your instagram etc if it's already listed in your complete Profile)
Tell us anything else we should know about you or your career.